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Dragonball Z: Son Goku Dedication

Goku's Family Biographies (pg.2)

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On this page I'll include biographical information about the Son Family! =^^=


Son Gohan

  1. Son Gohan
  2. The Great Saiyaman (^^' don't ask.......)
Race: 1/2 saiyan, 1/2 human
Gender: Male
Age: Ages from 4 to 17 years
Hair/Eyes: Black
Height: About 3'5" - 5'11" (grows throughout the series)
Status: Goku's 1st son
Quick Summary:
Gohan is Goku and Chi-Chi's first son. He trained under Piccolo for a year to prepare to fight Nappa and Vegeta. Gohan was able to defeat Nappa and Vegeta at the last moment when his tail grew back and he saw the fake moon Vegeta made earlier.

In the Cell Saga, he reached SS1 form while training with Goku in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and reaches SS2 form while fighting Cell and then he kills Cell.

In the Buu Saga, Gohan learned how to enter Mystic form under Elder Kai's "training." Unfortunately Gohan is soon absorbed by Super Gotenks Buu.

Gohan is a gentle young man in general. He is idealistic and pure like his father and only uses fighting as a last resort. Unlike his father, though, Gohan does not enjoy testing his power or pushing his power to it's limit unless truly necessary.


Son Goten (kid)

Name: Son Goten
Race: 1/2 saiyan, 1/2 human
Gender: Male
Age: Ages from 8 to 18 years
Hair/Eyes: Black
Status: Goku's 2nd son
Quick Summary:
Goten is Goku's second son, and Gohan's brother. He was the youngest to become Super Saiyan, at age 5. His best friend is Trunks, who is one year older. He can do a Fusion with Trunks to form Gotenks. He's strong, but would much rather spend his time eating than fighting. He is whiney at times, and not the smartest of all people, like Trunks is. Trunks pretty much is leader of the two, but treats Goten as an equal.

Goten is fond of Gohan, as is everyone else when Goku goes to the other world forever. Goten is a good warrior when on a "team", but less powerful when alone. His father helps him and Gohan a few times, by breaking the rules of the other world, and not taking the advice of King Kai [Kaio-Sama]. Goten fights for the side of good, and is one of the top fighters.

If any of the characters have a web site dedicated to them, I'll include a link to it here:

.::Brotherly Love::.

Son Goku will always be my hero...